The idea of the Boundless Jazz festival was born in 2007, when the chairman of the VKDL, composer and musician, Valeri Nikitin, proposed a jazz concert that became so successful that VKDL decided to organize it again next year. The concert series became a tradition and it grew into a whole festival.
Initially, the idea of the festival was to unite Finnish and Russian jazz musicians and music and to create a dialogue between these two cultures, and later to become an increasingly international and so-called “bridge to the global jazz world”.
The musical styles of the Boundless Jazz festival have been versatile and its main idea has been to provide the audience with the best jazz musicians in the world.

One important principle of the festival is the production of creative art and the desire to encourage musicians to present their own music. Traditional jazz jams at the end of the annual Vuotalo´s concert have played an important part in the festival.
The festival has become a festival of boundless music that the audience and musicians are waiting for throughout the year.
Festival expanded in 2014 with a new concert venue alongside Vuotalo to Paloheinä, where this year’s concerts will take place in the Paloheinä library, Art Jazz Club and nursing home Päiväkumpu. The festival’s main concert still takes place in Vuotalo.