17.2. 18:00

Sat 17.2.

Inna Vysotska, vocals, Viktor Bürkland, piano, Timo Warnecke, drums, Stepan Shadikyan,
trumpet, Dimitri Suslov, saxophone & , Marcus Lewyn, double bass
Jazz standards from The Great American Songbook

Nursing home Päiväkumpu, Sointula hall, Repovuorentie 12, 00670 Helsinki

Jazz standards from The Great American Songbook

The Rajaton Jazz Festival ended on Saturday at Nursing home Päiväkumpu´s Sointula hall with Inna Vysotska & The Untouchables´s American Jazz Standards. The day was sunny and the team arranged the hall for the evenings concert and other things to help musicians prepare for the evening. At the concert, the atmosphere of the hall was homey and we experienced Inna’s great vocal gift and the musicians amazing musical talent which got our minds floating. With Ella Fitzgerald’s interpretations and the feeling of Sointula, we could imagine traveling back in time and to find ourselves from New Orleans Jazz clubs.

Inna Vysotska is originally from Ukraine, but she studied in Hanover, Germany, at the University of Music, Drama and Media and resides there. Inna & The Untouchables is a band that is playing all over Germany and they do international gigs too. Members of the band come from all over the world and have come together through music.

On Sunday, Vysotska & The Untouchables flew back to Germany and the main concert´s Gagliardi flew to Spain on Monday and told us to contact him if the production team will at some point go to Barcelona. Perhaps these skilful musicians will be one day seen jamming again at the Rajaton Jazz Festival.