16.2. 19:00

Fri 16.2.

Gianni Gagliardi, saxophone and Sergei Sokolov, piano.
Inna Vysotska, vocals, Viktor Bürkland, piano, Timo Warnecke, drums,
Stepan Shadikyan, trumpet, Dimitri Suslov, saxophone
and Marcus Lewyn, double bass.
Rajaton Jazz- festival´s 2018 main consert.
Vuotalo, Mosaiikkitori 2, 00980 Helsinki

Rajaton Jazz Festival´s 2018 main concert

The festival’s main concert 16.2 had a full house at Vuotalo. The stars of the previous evening’s Jazz Dialogues concert were Anastasia Trizna and Valeri Nikitin hosted the evening. Trizna arrived on a tight schedule straight from Aleksanteri´s theatre, where she plays the role of Amalie Adlerberg.

The concert was started off by the tenor saxophonist Gianni Gagliardi from Barcelona and the pianist and event producer Sergei Sokolov. Both musicians are also composers and we heard compositions from both of them. They met and agreed on the songs they will perform on previous day, but Gagliardi didn´t need the notes for the composition of Sokolov. He in his own words: “played it with his heart”. The knowledge of the duo’s first encounter surely came as a surprise to the audience, and added appreciation of the skills of these professional musicians even more.

During the selected songs, dancer Hanna Pihko was seen on stage, as well as abstract oil paintings of Inna Sokolova.

In the second half of the concert, Inna Vysotska & The Untouchables, straight from Germany, played a set of well-known jazz classics from The Great American Songbook. The energetic assembly´s turn was full of solos, and the longest solo was performed by drummer Timo Warnecke. The versatile and strong original vocal style of Vysotska, as well as the solos of other musicians, got the audience´s conscientious applause during the whole night.

The audience demanded for an encore, and all the musicians of the night came to the stage. The third pianist wouldn´t have been able to fit in, although one of our host´s Nikitin was asked to join. Improvised jamming stretched the duration of the concert almost half an hour and the atmosphere was cheerful. The crowd surely got what it came for.

Maiden Voyage – The Untouchables feat. Inna Vysotska
The Look of Love – The Untouchables feat. Inna Vysotska
Morena & Winter Blues – Gianni Gagliardi, tenor sax & Sergei Sokolov, piano
Hanna Pihko, dancer (Winter Blues)
Spain – Gianni Gagliardi, tenor sax & Sergei Sokolov, piano
Hanna Pihko, dancer