15.2. 19:00

Fri. 15.2. at 19:00 The main concert of “The Rajaton jazz” festival in the Vuotalo.

Finnish top singer Minna Lasanen will be seen as the main performer of the 13th International Jazz Festival in the Vuotalo.

The International “Rajaton Jazz” Festival is held in the Vuotalo for the thirteenth time now. This time, the main performer is Minna Lasanen, a high-performance singer, who will perform on stage with the pianist-composer Valeri Nikitin’s Niki’s Four Jazz Band and fill Vuosal with great swing interpretations. Musicians interpret evergreen jazz classics.

The famous Sini Hämäläinen Trio also performs during the evening. The band combines the aesthetics of jazz and pop songs with an open mind. Traditional jazz standards and music from the 2010s work together in molten harmony – whatever the song is, it bends to bebop, swing or Bossa nova in a twist!

Festival Performers:

Minna Lasanen – the Minna Lasanen – the singer;

Niki’s Four Jazz Band: Jarmo Rouvinen – Saxophones, flute; Valeri Nikitin – piano; Jukka Kampman – double bass; Juha Salminen – Drums

Sini Hämäläinen Trio: Sini Hämäläinen – the singer; Jussi Liski – piano; Eerik Siikasaari – double bass.

“Rajaton jazz” –festival in the Vuotalo.

The tickets 15/13 euros

shipping fee (from 1 € www.lippu.fi)

Duration of two and a half hours includes an interval.

Direct link to ticket sales:  https://www.lippu.fi/rajatonjazz2019

The ticket sales: 60 minutes from Lippupiste outlets and door. before the concert starts and at 0600 900 900 (2 € / min + day fee).

Group discount conditions: the tickets 13 € / a person if the group size is at least 5 people.

Additional information: Sergei Sokolov, producer, tel.  040 519 48 19, sokolov.sergei@gmail.com

Contact information: Vuotalo, Mosaiikkitori 2,