15.2 19:00

Thu 15.2.
Anastasia Trizna, vocals, Valeri Nikitin, piano
Jazz Dialogues: well known jazz classics
Art Jazz & Inna in Style, Sysimiehentie 39 A, 00670 Helsinki www.artjazz.fi

Jazz Dialogues
Rajaton Jazz concert series proceeded to Art Jazz & Inna in Style culture club through Anastasia Trizna`s and Valeri Nikitin´s interpreted jazz classics. Trizna´s subtile vocals and flute and Nikitin´s enthusiastic piano playing filled the room with a good atmosphere. Audience demanded for a peace from Doris Day called “No Moon at All” and for Valentine´s Day´s special we heard “My Funny Valentine”.

Anastasia and Valeri have worked together for a long time as a duet playing jazz with their own arrangements. Duo´s style is a delicate awareness and through that free dialogue can flow through both the authors and the audience. The duet originated in 2012, and from the beginning it was clear that expressing music together sounded natural and has traveled with them to this day. Anastasia Trizna is a talented actress and singer who works as freelancer in several theaters, music projects, film and television productions. Trizna regularly performs as a vocalist at jazz concerts and festivals, collaborating with many well-known Finnish jazz musicians.

Valery Nikitin is known in Finland and Russia as jazz pianist, violinist, composer, arranger and teacher. Nikitin has worked extensively and multi-levelled in various bands throughout his career and has been enriching the field of jazz music and co-operation with neighboring countries.

At the core of making music, it is always important and valuable to create space for dialogue and consensus. We hope that the meeting of Anastasia and Valeri will gave the audience the chance to be part of the emergence of new jazz dialogues.