15.2 18:00

Thu 15.2.

Anna Timchenko, vocals and Eduard Podkolzin, guitar.
The night of Brazilian Bossa nova music.
Paloheinä library, Paloheinäntie 22, 00670 Helsinki

The night of Brazilian Bossa nova music.

12th Rajaton Jazz- festival music is playing in Paloheinä and Vuosaari 15th to 17th of February.

The concert series started off with Anna Timchenko´s and Eduard Podkolzin´s Brazilian Bossa nova night. Over fifty people came to Paloheinä library to listen to Timchenko´s singing and Eduard Podkolzin´s guitar virtuosity and the chairs ran out couple of times so the team had to run and get more. At the concert we heard many familiar songs such as Frank Sinatra´s “The Girl From Ipanema”.

Anna Timchenko was born in Yalta in Ukraine in August 1986. As a child, she loved singing and performing. She had a dream of singing and acting career. As a child she completed a Yalta Music School. In 2007, he graduated from the National Pharmacy College in Kharkov and received a Pharmacy and Cosmetology degree. In Yalta she worked as a pharmacist. In 2012, he completed her MA degree. Music was in her heart all this time. Anna got to the State University of Crimea for song training. Music, that is, inside it. In 2014 Anna moved to Finland and she continued her actress’s hobby. She now plays in the Jazz band and her singer name is JazzAnna. Anna also presented the role of Nun in the play “Two rabbits hunted” in a Ukrainian theater under the leadership of Frey in Finland. Creativity and music give her energy and vitality.